19 Princelet Street
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19 Princelet Street, Spitalfields. A permanent celebration of London immigrant life.
'Described as the nation's answer to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, 19 Princelet Street in London's East End was refuge to hundreds of Jews fleeing persecution from the Nazis.
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Rodinsky's Room.

'Thirty-two years ago, an elderly hermit named David Rodinsky vanished from his room above London's Princelet Street synagogue. Rodinsky left his effects behind, but not explanations, and it wasn't until his room was unsealed, in 1980, that his story began to emerge ... '
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I'm so intrigued by the David Rodinsky story, plep. Have you read Rodinsky's Room? I may have to make a quick trip to the library tonight...
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Iconomy :- Yes, I have, and it's excellent. :) Combining the search for the real David Rodinsky, Rachel Lichtenstein's search for her own past, and the historical ghosts of London. I really recommend this book.
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Great book, a bit eerie. Great post too!
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