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Halo is probably the most well known and successful of games for the Xbox, but less well known are the scores of Halo movies that take advantage of its excellent graphics and physics engines. From the classic Warthog Jump to the cover of Asshole and the Red vs Blue series, the movies are sometimes breaktaking and almost always hilarious. Videogame geeks with a sense of humour? Say it ain't so!
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Hey didn't this game used to be free, and you could play it on a PC instead of an overpriced piece if shit with joysticks that make no sense? Oh wait, that was Quake...
posted by zekinskia at 3:54 PM on May 1, 2003

Confusing Halo with Quake.

How odd.

I'll go you one better.

Isn't this Marathon?

posted by linux at 4:36 PM on May 1, 2003

Apparently they're set in the same universe. I think that the Jjaro may have even showed up in the Halo storyline.

So, yeah it is kinda Marathon.
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Sidrial is the first commercial animated series made using a heavily modified version of the Quake III engine
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Hey didn't this game used to be free, and you could play it on a PC instead of an overpriced piece if shit with joysticks that make no sense? Oh wait, that was Quake...

This, kids, is the anger that results when Microsoft ups and buys an entire company in order to give their console platform a killer app.

I own an xbox, and I like it. I own a pc, and I like it. They're not the same animal. FPS games rarely work on console. Halo does, as does Goldeneye for N64.

Consoles can do several different genre's much, much better than pc's can, see sports games or adventure games. Pretty much every sports game for pc sucks, with the exception of golf and maybe soccer.

Also, and this is probably refreshing only for the hoplessly geeky, the concept of patching a game is incoherent on a console, and thats one of the things that I love about it. It really, really gets old to drop 60 bucks on a new game, and have to wait for a patch so it'll actually work...

Besides, I spent 400 bucks on an xbox, two controllers, an adapter that lets me play dvd's, and quite few games. Contrast that with the 250 bucks I spent on a video card for my pc...
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Anyone seen the halo video set to johnny cash singing NiN's Hurt? still trying to find a link, i saw it a couple months ago... Whether you like the song or not, they do some badass things with the warthog, ghost, etc. Def worth checking out.
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That Red vs. Blue thing is surprisingly funny and well-done. Watch it if you haven't yet.
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Anybody else seen "Da Gib Of The Year"?

No production values, but quite the LOL/jawdropper for Quakehounds.

Hmm, doesn't look like it's ever been saved in a movie format. I might have to see what I can do about that...
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Jono: Search for "Hurt" on the second link in the post.
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Cool post. I saw the Warthog Jump movie when it was first released and absolutely loved it. I just checked out the Asshole clip but I thought it was a bit pedestrian in comparison, though still clever...

NortonDC, I'd love to see "Da Gib Of The Year", being a Rocket Arena 3 whore myself. I've made some hilarious kills in that Quake 3 mod, bouncing around a map willy-nilly. I just wish I'd recorded a few of them!
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