We are in the second nuclear age.
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The Thinkable. An epic look at modern nuclear weapons diplomacy and ''counterproliferation'' strategies. (NYT Mag., reg. req.)
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Excellent article, thanks for the link.

Some people in India are concerned that the U.S.'s shift towards counter-proliferation means that the U.S. may view India as a potential threat, which in turn may be driving India closer to China.
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Yes, thanks xowie.
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Pakistan will get rid of its nuclear arsenal if rival India does as well, a Pakistani official said Monday.

Wow, there may be a real opportunity here. But unfortunately, I doubt anything will come of this since India's nuclear arsenal is also intended to counter China's. For this to work, China would also have to agree to get rid of their arsenal, which they're unlikely to do under any circumstances, but especially now that the US is expanding its nuclear arsenal. Still, I think India would be smart to drag China into this and offer to get rid of their arsenal if both China and Pakistan will reciprocate. After all, Pakistan wouldn't have nukes if not for China's help.
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