Deep impact
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Deep impact. NASA scientists want to know what the pristine inside of a comet looks like. What better way, then, than by blowing a 25-meter crater in one? Comet Tempel 1, to be specific. Even better, send them your name and they'll put it on a disc attached to the impactor spacecraft, which will be launched on December 30, 2004. It'll hit on the 4th of July, 2005.
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Tempel 1, Frankenstein says Hello.
posted by pemulis at 2:24 PM on May 13, 2003

As do I. Cute idea.
posted by Salmonberry at 2:50 PM on May 13, 2003

Heh heh. I was trying to think of a downside to this project. You know, what about this could be bad for anybody? I couldn't think of anything, until I clicked pemulis' link and realized that if any aliens find this they will know we are a planet of smartasses.
posted by Hildago at 4:24 PM on May 13, 2003

Selfish smartasses, to be more precise.
I'm sending some advertising for the little green people in the sky.
posted by rhapsodie at 4:27 PM on May 13, 2003

Selfish smartasses, to be more precise....and a liter bug.
posted by thomcatspike at 4:47 PM on May 13, 2003

....and a liter litter bug.
posted by thomcatspike at 4:50 PM on May 13, 2003

this is completely different from putting a flag on plymouth rock and saying that the "indians" are now treading on land owned by the white man.

this is not neo-colonialist at all. this is not weird and fascinating in a post-modern way.
posted by oog at 5:48 PM on May 13, 2003

oog, I always never didn't wonder what didn't happen not to Negative Man, or not.
posted by HTuttle at 6:17 PM on May 13, 2003

My CD ROMs turn into coasters with the tiniest scratch. I cannot imagine one attached to an impactor spacecraft would be of use after, erm, the impact. Also, do we know that the people of Tempel 1 can read these things?
posted by thijsk at 1:26 AM on May 14, 2003

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