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My Luddite Bunny: amazingly, no animal was harmed during the photographing of this nightmare. Repeat after me: I will never let one of those reactionary hijos de remil putas a bunny into my house.
posted by Carlos Quevedo (31 comments total)
Clearly the rabbit was trying to nip any pancake-balancing website project in the bud. Can't blame it.
posted by tss at 11:34 PM on May 13, 2003

That's what rabbits do, they nibble on things nearby. It's in their nature and is precisely why they make terrible indoor pets.
posted by mathowie at 12:20 AM on May 14, 2003

yeah, I mean, who would have thought that a rabbit would have chewed on stuff and crapped all around the house. usually house bunnies use the toilet (flush it also) and calmly use the PC to surf the Internet, sometimes trolling for Rabbit Porn,
The guy's a genius, really
posted by matteo at 2:03 AM on May 14, 2003

You arse.
posted by ed\26h at 2:26 AM on May 14, 2003

Very funny. Thanks for the link Miguel.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 2:32 AM on May 14, 2003

(it's not Miguel, P_G)

What a dumbass - it's great that he saved the rabbit, but he should have just taken it to the local shelter. If you don't know anything at all about an animal (as he clearly doesn't), you shouldn't have it in your house. Rabbits can make good indoor pets given proper housing, but they're not suited to freely roaming around un-rabbit-proofed areas.
posted by biscotti at 3:16 AM on May 14, 2003

I'm sorry I leapt to conclusions, Carlos.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 3:33 AM on May 14, 2003

Guess why they invented the Wabbitat. No, really, guess.
posted by catfood at 4:22 AM on May 14, 2003

That's what rabbits do, they nibble on things nearby. It's in their nature and is precisely why they make terrible indoor pets.

Nonsense, they make great indoor pets.

You just need to put a little effort into covering up your wires (or anything else that looks suspiciously vine like). They don't go for much else if you keep some cardboard around and give them a clear sense of what their space is.

A dog or a cat would never destroy anything, right? Oh right, they do, what terrible indoor pets!

Frankly, I find the anti-rabbit direction MeFi is taking quite disturbing! Heh, okay, actually I don't, but give the little guys a fair shake matt.
posted by malphigian at 4:30 AM on May 14, 2003

Rabbits! Can't live with 'em; can't shoot 'em! Oh, wait... ;-P
posted by mischief at 4:44 AM on May 14, 2003

FYI, I have the same problem with one of my cats. Bitter Apple, available at any pet store, is a great, non-toxic deterrent.
posted by mkultra at 6:31 AM on May 14, 2003

We have a little black rabbit almost just like the one on the pictures. We let it roam around in the utility room so that it could get some exercies. We bought it doggie toys to chew, and gave clapped at it on a regular basis when it was roaming the house and got near the computer. The only real damage we have to the apartment is the baseboards in the utility room. After that, we put him back in his cage, but still let him out to roam when supervised. He's pretty annoying about 50 percent of the time, but he's so cute that my wife and I think he's worth it :)
posted by psychotic_venom at 6:33 AM on May 14, 2003

You'd think that when this guy still had a functioning computer with an internet connection, he'd check out one of those thousands of rabbit info sites that exist. You know, considering he brought home an animal he knew nothing about. So, in my opinion, the rabbit did the right thing.

As for the chewing, you should see a chinchilla take a huge chunk out of a sturdy table. They are the cutest most destructive animals.
posted by adzuki at 6:49 AM on May 14, 2003

Local Hero had the right idea about what to do with rabbits.
posted by anapestic at 6:50 AM on May 14, 2003

Do what I do. Collect toy stuffed bunnies. They stay where you put them and you can color coordinate them to the rest of the room. Don't have to feed them either.
posted by konolia at 7:15 AM on May 14, 2003

Look at the bones!
posted by UncleFes at 7:19 AM on May 14, 2003

Does that bitter apple stuff work? My sister has a Jack Russel Terrier, really cute little dog, but also capable of amazing amounts of destruction. She (the dog, not my sister) used to chew on anything that was vaguely nipple like when she was a pup so my sister bought some bitter apple. Clearly the pup did not like it, she wrinkled her nose up and licked at her teeth trying to get the taste off. She then attacked the nipple like thing again and repeated the nose wrinkling and licking. And again. And again... until the bitter apple flavour was gone or she decided she could tolerate it. After that the bitter apple wasn't a deterrent.
posted by substrate at 7:29 AM on May 14, 2003

Be vewy, vewy quiet...
posted by spazzm at 7:47 AM on May 14, 2003

"Rabbit season!" -Daffy Duck
posted by bdk3clash at 7:54 AM on May 14, 2003

Duck Season!
posted by GeekAnimator at 8:13 AM on May 14, 2003

Wabbit season!
posted by furiousthought at 8:34 AM on May 14, 2003

Duck Theason!
posted by Pretty_Generic at 8:49 AM on May 14, 2003

Elmer season!
posted by drew_alley at 9:01 AM on May 14, 2003

Pancake season. With Hitler syrup.
posted by konolia at 9:30 AM on May 14, 2003

you guys just automatically blame the rabbit, huh? HMPH.
posted by mcsweetie at 10:14 AM on May 14, 2003

You can live with an indoor rabbit and still keep your cords, papers, books, etc. We've been doing it for over 15 years at home, all it takes it some preparations and some time on your stomach (it helps to see things from their level). Head over to the House Rabbit Society for tips on how to rabbit-proof your house.
posted by tommasz at 1:28 PM on May 14, 2003

substrate: Bitter Apple won't work on a very determined dog (like a Jack Russell Terrorist). The solution is to keep the dog away from things it might damage when it's not under supervision, they're rarely trustworthy when left alone, regardless of how "civilized" they are, they're very busy dogs, and if you don't keep them busy, they'll find their own things to keep them busy. Crate training is a must for dogs like JRT's. And gallons of exercise - a tired JRT is a happy JRT.
posted by biscotti at 1:33 PM on May 14, 2003

I laughed, I cried, I soiled my armor.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 3:48 PM on May 14, 2003

Metafilter: Head over to the House Rabbit Society for tips on how to rabbit-proof your house
posted by mcsweetie at 6:45 PM on May 14, 2003

Am I the only one thinking Monte Python? They do more than parrots, you know.
posted by konolia at 7:55 PM on May 14, 2003

That's nothing.

An old roomate of mine, at his peak, had NINE ferrets.


Nine little carpet sharks getting into every nook and cranny of the living room.


Thankfully he kept them in a cage most of the time but still...nine.
posted by lasthrsman at 3:19 AM on May 15, 2003

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