June Carter Cash
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I'm in the middle of a book called Will you miss me when I'm gone?, which chronicles the history of the famous Carter Family, and includes some incredibly charming descriptions of June Carter (later the wife of Johnny Cash; the development of her musical voice, her mountain-tinted wit, and her onstage goofball comedy. Unfortunately, June Carter Cash died yesterday.
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I am so sorry to hear this. Jackson is one of my all-time favorite songs, and I had the pleasure of seeing Johnny and June in concert when I was just 10 years old. I still remember how cool I thought she was, and how beautiful her voice was. How very sad...
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Now the clock is really ticking for Johnny. This is very sad. Fortunatly, she has left us years of songs to ease the pain and help remember her. RIP.
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i always wanted to see her dance on a pony keg.

the world will miss her, but not as much as johnny will. with all his health problems who thought june would go first? i expect the old man in black will be leaving us fairly soon now.
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Damn. So sad a beautiful love story and a beautiful soul has to end. My favorite June Carter song other than "Ring of Fire" is "Tiffany Anastasia Lowe", that she wrote for her granddaughter gently warning her against the evils of people like Quentin Tarantino.
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I read this book and can't contain my disappointment. I'm still looking for a definitive book on The Carter Family, and would love any recommendations.
My gf & I shed a tear while listening to June's last CD after hearing the news. Her versions of "Far Side Banks of Jordan" and "Will the Circle be Unbroken" are superb, and take on new poignancy with her loss.
oh posey - my favorite part of "Tiffany" is when she talks about teaching her how to play guitar using Mother Maybelle's guitar. Wow. Kinda like if Dad had taught me to drive in the Mustang from "Bullit."
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Not a whole book, but there's a good chapter on the Carter Cash clan in Nicholas Dawidoff's "In The Country of Country".
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This is so sad.
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I fell in love with June Carter's voice just a few seconds into "Jackson". She was an amazing entertainer.
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Oh man. This is pretty awful.
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wouldn't you miss me at all?
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I am starting a Carter Family marathon right now, here at my computer. "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" comes straight to mind as one of hundreds of goose-pimple moments she's given me.

I grew up on that stuff, with an embarrassing country-western dad who taught me C, G and D and how to hammer-on on the guitar. I learned to appreciate it later in life when I realized I would never be able to solo like Tom Verlaine.
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There's a nice obituary in The Tennessean.
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That article from The Tennessean was indeed very nice.

For some reason, my wife and I have taken to singing "Jackson" to each other on an almost daily basis in recent months, just as a little joke. I was terribly sorry to read about June's death this morning.
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For what it's worth, June, the answer is "Yes."
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