Saint Sebastian
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The Iconography of Saint Sebastian A terrific collection of images (14th to 21st centuries) in multiple media. For an interesting visual introduction to the development of iconography, see Augusta State University's rather no-nonsense Christian Iconography, which breaks the subject down into major topics, individual saints, and so forth.
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Saint Sebastien! Also known as Saint PinCushion. Here is a slightly sinister link I, um, dug up somewhere.
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Two remarkable finds! A multitude of thanks for an exquisite post!
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Why is St. Sebastian a gay icon? The best explanation I've read is that the Sebastian story was an early outlet for artists to depict a hunky nearly naked young man.

And then there's the sad story of St. Sebastian's Angels, a semi-pr0n site about gay priests, now the subject of scandal.
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Thanks thomas, always nice to see some information about St. Sebastian.
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[this is good] - thanks.
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sorry to be late to the party, thomas j wise, but wanted to thank you for these cool links. I enjoyed the first one - in addition to the classic representations, I think it is fascinating how St. Sebastian has served as a theme for many modern artists as well - one of my favorites from the more recent selections.
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