really nice photographs
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extraordinary photographs [via newstoday] from todd hido. photographs and the ability to see so many new young photographers work every day - is one of my favorite aspects of the web. additional favorites here, and here. anyone else have any little known faves?
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I think has some really good photographs, considering he posts like 4-5 new ones a day, and they appear to be taken on the spur of the moment as opposed to being carefully orchestrated (which is good too).
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I love Hido's stuff, especially his homes at night series. I actually got to meet him a year or so ago, when he dropped by to snap my photo for this. He was really down to earth and we talked about his book and shows.
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oh yeah. those are great. i should have added a bandwidth warning to the link above - so many good photos out of japan
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"Something is taking forever to load. Exiting."

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Ditto, azul.

And why in the hell is he using Flash? Don't get me wrong, I love good flash when it's implemented right. But there's no animation. There aren't any images (except for the gallery pictures) -- just a tan background on half the screen. He doesn't even embed the fonts, so he's not doing it to preserve the type. And his "gallery" times out on slower connections, even though the percentage indicates the file is loading correctly. My GOD what a terrible, fucked site implementation.

For his sake, I hope the pictures are good.
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(a little later)

Well, at least the browser's cache function works correctly. For slower modem users, if your connection gets timed out, you can try loading it again and it should start from where it left off.

Check out the "older" link at the bottom of page for my opinion on these photos.
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I like Hido's photos. I'd really like to see him cover Detroit.
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C_D - you really think these photos are ugly? I guess there's no accounting for taste... I thought they were some of the best looking photos I've seen in quite a while.
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just curious but are you fond of the images or the design? the design IMO overpowers the images on each site with the exception of the dacafe site once you enter the galleries. the work is....well, just a little underwhelming but the beauty of photography is that it's completely subjective.
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Also look at other night photographers:
(Troy Paiva)
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Sometimes, photographers who post their stuff on the web embed images in Flash to prevent others from ripping them off. I have no idea if this is the case here though, since even the site navigation uses Flash.
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Some interesting work here. Good band too.
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I'm partial to this guy because I've known him for going on 20 years. He does amazing portraits.

Ian Mcfarlane
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I can't see the purpose of using Flash to protect the photos from been copied. Screenshots are only a keypress away.
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But screenshots are *significantly* less likely to be taken than "right click->save as". You'd have to really want the picture to use the screen shot.

Oh, and by the way, what's up with all of the nudity in photography? I know that it's art and that the human body is beautiful, but guys can still look at "art" or "pornography" and be turned on--the "art" often does it even better. I have to avoid a good number of these types of sites for this very reason.
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<potential_derail apologies="in advance">
the ability to see so many new young photographers work every day - is one of my favorite aspects of the web.

Very much agree. There's masses of excellent photography on the web (and plenty of dross, as well), much of it almost unnoticed, I suspect, but deserving of greater recognition - and discussion. Which leads me to suggest a project I've been considering putting together for a while now: Photofilter. Anyone interested?
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what's up with all of the nudity in photography?

why are you afraid of the naked human figure - i suggest some of Man Ray's photos - wonderful stuff.

i agree - Hido's flash interface detracts from his photo graphs - there are way to use flash to present ones photos in a way that beats straight html - this isnt one of them. erik refner does a nice job using flash.
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I like this stuff, but I know the guy.
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I understand the impetus to use Flash to secure photos, but damnation I would have liked some of those for wallpaper.
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count me in.
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Thanks for the cool links, specialk420. I really liked the Hido stuff.
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great idea and some great pictures.
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