Smarter than the average water feature
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GardeningFilter! James Dyson's Wrong Garden - water going uphill in a perpetual-motional Escher-like fashion; how is it done...?
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ok, my folks have been making me watch the coverage of this since it started, and to be fair i have been enjoying it (a little) despite myself. Anyhoo, i saw the gardner explain it somewhat the night before last - apparently the effect is achieved by pumping the water slightly uphill, and as the water flows back down air bubbles are sent in, and as they rise they create the illusion of water flowing uphill. The actual waterfall part of each section is created by there not being one piece of vertical glass, but two very close together, and the water is pumped up between these.

Or else its magic, who knows.
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oh i am such a dickhead, its all explained in the link. I'll crawl away now....
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That's just cool. I want to be that creative.
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Very cool. My parents would love this.
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Oooh. I want one.
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I want one, too, but I want one of Dyson's vacuums first.
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