Gee, Dad, you're creeping me out!
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Christian sex ed recordings from the 1940's are delightful - a few choice tracks pulled in mp3 format. I expect to hear some of these lines sampled into techno tracks and pronto.
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[this is good]
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The audio-only boxing exercises distracted me from the true meaning of the clip. Something about those grunts just didn't seem right...
Golly gee!
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Cool link, so much material to choose from. Saw that wood! For more sex ed material from the same era check out the Internet Archive
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I expect to hear some of these lines sampled into techno tracks and pronto.

Something like the Bran Flakes' Record On Sex [mp3], I'd imagine.
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Damn; I was hoping for songs!

Well, there was that guy singing about sawing wood; but I was hoping for little sex-ed songs, you know what I mean?
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"Saw that wood ... Saw that wood ... "

Pure Comedy Gold ...
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Minor point: the LP format was not widely available commercially before 1948, so these records are probably from the '50s.
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Great stuff. But there's something about hearing these that makes me blush harder than just hearing "people f*ck like bunnies when they get married!" or something.
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Thank you for the link. I've downloaded the files and am going to set them to music.
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mert - seriously? Check out the great MP3 skryche linked to above; I was thinking something more like the Avalanche's Frontier Psychiatrist ("you're a nut! You're crazy in the coconut!!"), but wherever the muse takes you, run with it - just be sure to let me know the results of your fine works.
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I find this mocking of such important and timeless information insulting. Isn't this the sort of thing you make your kids to listen to when they're ready?

How else do you skip the responsibility of talking to your children!? You can't rely on TV all the time, you know!
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>>I expect to hear some of these lines sampled into techno tracks and pronto.

Sorry I am a little sloooooooooooooooooooow - clicky here for the reason i might be fired today
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Freaky, they say very clearly at the beginning of the first recording that the record is intended for PARENTS, not for children. These weren't "play this for your kids" records, they were resources for parents to get ideas on how to talk to their children about the issues.
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dammit! I got these off of Soulseek before, and I thought they were pretty rare.

Well, so much for that.
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I would have found this a lot funnier if I hadn't read In Defense of Natural Law by Robert George. Just two years ago, this author -- who teaches law at Princeton! -- argued that we should all view sex almost exactly the way the families in these recordings do. (See especially chapter 9, "What Sex Can Be: Alienation, Illusion or One-Flesh Union.") It really made it hit home for me that many people really, seriously, believe this stuff -- and the people who make our laws are among them, at least if we happen to live in the United States.

When I listen to these recordings, I'm just glad at how far we've come as a culture -- but we may still be in danger of going back.
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Here's my send up, for anyone who might still be around!
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classic, squirrel!
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