Salamander Feeding Movies
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Yes! Gulp Your Food Down! Feast your eyes on snackist salamanders and this future classic: not a salamander, but a very strange suction-feeding tadpole. [Quicktime required. ]
posted by MiguelCardoso (3 comments total)
Mmmm! Yummy! Dinnertime!

snackist? are you implying their diet is biased?
posted by salsamander at 11:09 PM on May 23, 2003

my girlfriend thinks it would be healthier if I clicked on dirty movies instead... I spent yesterday looking at fish movies...
I need help
posted by zaelic at 7:00 AM on May 24, 2003

Salamander saturday beats flash friday hands down. I particularly like the way Ensatina Eschscholtzii goes for the whole waxworm enchilada.
posted by liam at 7:23 AM on May 24, 2003

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