Gertrude Stein
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The Unforgettable Gertrude Stein: A charming miscellany of first encounters with the fascinating writer and personality, compiled by Dana Cook. [From The New Yorker's excellent web guide to Gertrude Stein .]
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(that's a joke kids)
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Edna Ferber quotes Ms. Stein as saying: "If everybody loved everybody there would be no war." That's about the level of Gertrude Stein's profundity. Of all the no-talents ever thrown up by modernism, she may be the Queen. The punishment for liking Gertrude Stein is that you have to read her. Her only skill was serving as a model for Picasso's famous portrait -- and even then, he could only finish the thing once he'd sent her away. Her incoherence is contagious. Just thinking about her, I lose the ability to compose a cogent paragraph.
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I like it. Thanks Miguel.
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Gertrude Stein says "that's enough"
(I know that that's not enough now)

dumb lyrics, I know, but they sound MUCH better when sung.
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