Possible presidents
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What do these people have in common? Mr. Lucian Jacob Wojciechowski, of Salton City, CA, whose various nicknames are Wladysla wa poniecki, Kuba, and Lovie. Mr. Maximus Englerius, of Seattle (presumably) who would like to “ban Playgirl mag.” Mr. Ole Scorpio Savior, of Minneapolis, who lists his first favorite Book as “Bible: Revelations.” Mr. Warren Roderick Ashe, of Newport News, VA, whose hobbies and special talents are “Professional musician and double-AX bass player. Astronautical and Astrophysics computer math involving saucer technology and time travel.” Choices, choices, choices!
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Sometimes my heart just goes out to you Americans.
posted by orange swan at 1:02 PM on May 28, 2003

Well, if you're going to list Ole Scorpio Savior, the least you could do is add Freddy Irwin 'Messiah' Sitnick. Although... that face... to be perfectly frank, "messiah" isn't the first job description that would occur to me.

And then there's Brian Baker Springfield of the Menorah-Thor Party. Perhaps it's just as well he doesn't have a picture.
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Sometimes my heart just goes out to you Americans.

Like WE'RE anything special?!?
posted by Pollomacho at 1:28 PM on May 28, 2003

I just can't decide between the Turtle or Barking Spider parties.
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Strange you should mention the Church of the Militant Elvis Party Pollmacho. The bloke who runs it, Dave Bishop, is also known as Lord Biro. He lives directly across the street from me. Nice man.
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Small world, squealy! By the way, after reading his manifesto and letter to Bush, I'd say that guy belongs right here on MetaFilter!
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For all we know he's already a member. I'll suggest it to him, I'm sure he'd fit in. He's a tad eccentric, as you may have guessed.
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You guys have nothing on the fine province of British Columbia, who actually ELECTED a guy named Amor de Cosmos.
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language: Good call. Mr. Sitnick's name and mug did catch my eye, but he had NO "Fun Facts" listed at all! Perhaps his "Professional Experience" would have sufficed, though:

-Mechanic, Officer of the Court, 1978
-Salesman, Musician, 1975
-Liquor Business, 1968
-United States Navy Reserves, 1966
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