A modern-day fascist Cagliostro
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The Imam who cursed the Pope and Kofi Annan. "It's hard to summarize a story as complicated as this in a few lines: Fatwas, Mormons, ufologists, secret services, the Supreme Solomonic Order of the Princes of Shekal, coups in Somalia, nuns, a mysterious murder, an African dictator and a "God intoxicated" Communist dictator."
A gem of nefarious weirdness, so bizarre it has to be real. Very annoying pop-ups but still worth it IMHO.
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Previously on MetaFilter and taken seriously: and not one Italian MeFite to warn us about the guy!
posted by talos at 10:02 AM on June 1, 2003

I like this guy, and I bookmarked it. The real struggle, though, is to make insanity readable. It's very hard to stay focused on this story.
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