Displays plenty of spicy oak, black currant, cherry, and plum-like notes
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The Million-Dollar Nose. Fascinating profile of wine critic Robert Parker (publisher of The Wine Advocate) by William Langewiesche of Atlantic Magazine.
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Despite what the supporters of Eustace Tilley say, I think The Atlantic Monthly is definitely a candidate for "the best magazine that ever was". I remember that article well, among others by Mr. Langewiesche. And for those who are concerned about a liberal media, Michael Kelly was an editor.
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I like 'em both -- and both do quite well in the Ellies/National Magazine Awards.

Langewiesche's a damn good writer -- as was his father Wolfgang. If you are interested in aviation, Langewiesche fils wrote an excellent book called "Inside the Sky", and it's a good companion to his father's classic "Stick and Rudder."
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This is a great article. I read it when it came out. I'm not really interested in wine, but it was the cover story of that issue, so I halfheartedly started reading it... and didn't stop until I had finished.

Haven't gotten to the WTC series yet. It's in my "to read" pile (sigh).
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From the title, I thought it would be about Michael Jackson.

</obligatory snarky comment>
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I'm sick of this guy and that other guy using my name to get ahead!
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This weekend's Guardian magazine had an article on wine-tasting by Jon Ronson: Confessions of a vino virgin

"Is it a children's paddling pool or a well?" he says.

"A well," I say.

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From this quote it sounds like the man is suffering from -- or, perhaps, has the gift of -- synesthesia.
    He said, "A wine goes in my mouth, and I just see it. I see it in three dimensions. The textures. The flavors. The smells. They just jump out at me. I can taste with a hundred screaming kids in a room. When I put my nose in a glass, it's like tunnel vision. I move into another world, where everything around me is just gone, and every bit of mental energy is focused on that wine." Afterward he can't help it -- he just remembers.
Nice article.
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(Or -- given that he actually remembers every damn wine he ever tasted -- some fortunate combination of synesthesia and eidetic memory. Hurrah for the human mind, anyway.)
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After reading that article, not only will I now subscribe to The Wine Advocate, but I'm going to try to track down anything written by William Langewiesche.

Fantastically written article about a riveting subject.
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