The Eighties Tarot
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You've seen Pomo tarot, you've let the wisdom of spock guide you using the Star Trek Tarot, and in an act of desperation, you even tried getting down with the Vampire deck. Still haven't found the deck that's right for you?

Maybe it's time you tried the 80s tarot deck. (And before you ruin the surprise, try to guess which Major Arcana they pegged Morrisey for...)
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didn't Edward Scissorhands come out in 1990?
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Amber Dorko just *has* to be this girl I knew in West Philly in like 1989. Weird how the intorw3b just kind of randomly restrings you sometimes...
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Clearly, the friendliest tarot is the Hello Kitty tarot.
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LEGO Tarot!
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The members of Depeche Mode stand triumphant before Planet Earth.

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didn't Edward Scissorhands come out in 1990?

most decades don't start right on cue. "The sixties" definitely didn't begin before '63. I'd say "the eighties" began in 81 when lennon was shot, and ended (the nineties began) in 91/92 when nirvana hit the top of the charts.
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Hah! Robert Smith as Death! Hah!
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Did the writer put down his thinking cap? The first ten have fitting descriptions of the card explaining the choice of each pop-icon. Later cards are lacking in thie descriptions. (>_<) half-ass award?
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In college, I picked up The Vertigo Tarot because I was a fan of Dave Mckean's artwork, and not out of any actual interest in card reading. Still, when a couple of folks in my dorm saw the deck sitting on my desk, the word spread and folks started asking me I could read their cards just for, you know, fun.

What I learned was that tarot cards were no more effective at divination as magic 8 balls. But, god, were they frightfully effective at collecting gossip.

"Form a question in your head."
lays out cards ... "hmmm... so, any trouble with friends, family, girlfriend?"
"umm, not really, why do you ask?"
"Four of Cups crosses your question. Usually points to some dischord in one of your relationships."
"well, now that you mention it ..."
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The Brian Froud Faeries Tarot...
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The Hindmost Tarot. Actually, just a lot of doodle art. However, the Tarot deck created therefrom was unique, in that each card represented a horrible demon. The descriptions are around here somewhere...

Well, somebody had to do it.
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You know, kablam, they say that about The Bomb, too.

Depeche Mode as the World makes me so happy. Nothing makes my day like seeing such a favorable mention of my favorite 80's pop group... Alas, my days of dancing nights away here are gone.
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Ahh, the Cocteau Twins, Bob Geldhof, and of course Bryan Ferry...
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