Martha Stewart's new jail cell
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Martha Stewart's got a new project on her hands: redecorating her jail cell. With a little lace, some scented contraband and a lot of time, cell ML-122 will be fit for the matriarch of homemaking in no time. Check out this gallery of the latest Spring jail cell designs, courtesy of the photoshop pholks at Worth1000.
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I would just like to say that Martha Stewart has not been proven guilty of these crimes, only indicted on charges of conspiracy, securities fraud and obstruction of justice. I don't really like her, or the conspicuous consumption she pushes, but lets get facts straight. We still have a system of innocent before being proved guilty.
posted by plemeljr at 11:38 PM on June 8, 2003

Yes, with the caveat popular opinion and judicial process are not equally protected courts.
posted by rudyfink at 11:59 PM on June 8, 2003

what was the last time a rich white woman went to jail ?

I know one that, killed a man by driving drunk in her brand new Mercedes and she is still around and still driving fast right here in California.....
posted by bureaustyle at 1:31 AM on June 9, 2003

plemeljr, I definitely agree, but I have to say I got a belly laugh out of the ersatz Martha Stewart Living cover.
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what was the last time a rich white woman went to jail ?

Leona Helmsley did time for tax evasion.

Dunno if the next two qualify in the "rich" department, but they're in a higher-bracket crowd than I am by a fair bit: "Mayflower Madam" Sydney Biddle Barrows and "Hollywood Madam" Heidi Fleiss both were busted for pandering.
posted by alumshubby at 5:58 AM on June 9, 2003

When was the last time a rich white woman went to jail?

I think it was back around the time the rich latina woman and rich African American woman went to jail.
posted by 4easypayments at 8:57 AM on June 9, 2003

How much time is Ken Lay serving again? And Martha Stewart is such big news because, what, she has a wholesome image? I like how irony now determines our judicial priorities.
posted by Hildago at 5:22 PM on June 9, 2003

Check out her new magazine.
posted by Wet Spot at 5:34 PM on June 9, 2003

Why not join her in the 7 Woman CEO March on Washington?
posted by aaaaa at 8:09 AM on June 15, 2003

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