Space Ghost Kid
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Step one: record an embarrassing video of yourself (RealPlayer link). Step two: Let the video fall into the hands of the internet masses, and become the hero you've dreamed of (also RealPlayer).
posted by ewagoner (22 comments total)
it seems step three is sue, despite efforts being made to give you free cash and ipods from other nerds who feel your pain...
posted by jearbear at 1:46 PM on June 10, 2003

Step Four: post it on the internet 2 months later.
posted by LouieLoco at 1:48 PM on June 10, 2003

Heh... the grunts are a nice touch.
posted by BobFrapples at 1:51 PM on June 10, 2003

Okay, I'll do it:

Step 3: ???
Step 4: PROFIT!!
posted by sklero at 1:55 PM on June 10, 2003

mite be a good idea to click the link before commenting, LouieLoco.
posted by danOstuporStar at 2:01 PM on June 10, 2003

I like the split second of a basketball game tacked at the end of the homage. That's an eye for detail, my friends.

And speaking of, surely you screwed up the links in your post, ewagoner? Or am I missing the connection between the Star Wars kid and Tenacious D?
posted by turaho at 2:05 PM on June 10, 2003

No connection, turaho. Well, there is one, I suppose. Andy Merrill is the fellow in the costume and also the voice of Brak, and the Space Ghost clip is from an episode titled "Sweet for Brak". Really, I just wanted to parrot the original Star Wars kid post, and (without a "remix") needed a Space Ghost clip to complete the post.
posted by ewagoner at 2:10 PM on June 10, 2003

perhaps i am not the only one who hates soyjoy?
posted by chrisroberts at 2:10 PM on June 10, 2003

I love the Williams Street gang! If anybody else had done this, I would have shook my head in dismay, but seeing the ol' Ghost prancing around breathlessly again brings chills down my spine. Now if only they had that wacky Cartoon Planet opening music! [mp3]
posted by fizgig at 2:14 PM on June 10, 2003

a shame it's not in some open format.
posted by quonsar at 2:16 PM on June 10, 2003

I don't get it - what does soyjoy have to do with it?
posted by jonson at 2:17 PM on June 10, 2003

ewagoner, there is such a thing as reaching too far for a joke. Just the Andy Merrill clip would have sufficed, although the post still would probably have come in for some criticism for not being discussion-worthy.
posted by jjg at 2:37 PM on June 10, 2003

It actually may be discussion-worthy. I was having a conversation with friends about how Sealab/Birdman/Aqua Teen are the most wonderfully bizarre shows on TV right now. We all agreed that the popularity of these shows is related to how tiresome sitcoms & reality TV shows are in America. And the more they rehash the same tired malarkey, the further they push us away (and toward shows like these).

Anybody know what the state of television was like in the UK, when Monty Python was at it's peak?
posted by Rattmouth at 2:51 PM on June 10, 2003

even further related, the first wave of adult swim dvds are due out in july, starting with space ghost: coast to coast before including the most recent entries into the william street programming block, like sealab 2021 and aqua teen hunger force.
posted by myopicman at 3:13 PM on June 10, 2003

I just saw aqua teen for the first time last night (I'd caught Harvey Birdman and Seallab once or twice before). My ReplayTV has been informed of it's new duties.
posted by yerfatma at 3:26 PM on June 10, 2003

There can be...only NONE!!
posted by LairBob at 3:35 PM on June 10, 2003

dammit - the dvds are due out july november 18.
one day, i will be able to concentrate on relaying the facts.
posted by myopicman at 3:38 PM on June 10, 2003

But what does soyjoy have to do with this?
posted by dg at 4:53 PM on June 10, 2003

(I suspect chrisroberts was reacting to soyjoy's four comments in thread 26308, and typed in the wrong window).
posted by dhartung at 5:26 PM on June 10, 2003

perhaps i am not the only one who is mystified by chrisroberts?
posted by soyjoy at 8:16 PM on June 10, 2003

Brak is my personal saviour.
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 8:53 PM on June 10, 2003

adult swim makes me happy and heals my soul. i only wish that it would start earlier @ 10 so i didn't have to fall asleep in the middle of it.
posted by eatdonuts at 8:24 AM on June 11, 2003

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