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On-line recordings of lectures delivered at Columbia University's architecture school. Speakers included Alvaro Siza, Bernard Tschumi, Marshall Berman, and a number of other important architects and urbanists. [A bit more inside.]
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I found this site while doing research for my thesis, in which I talk a bit about the Times Square redevelopment. Along the way, I also found an interesting interview with Marshall Berman.
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Great link!
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How'd you find that? It's a great link that looks to be one that might die. The recordings all seem to be from '97 and the image links are all dead. Searching the site some more, it looks like this was an experiment in the high times of the bubble that they've stopped. All newer "lecture" links appear to be just abstracts and not recordings. I'm gonna get while the gettings good. ( got 'em, now I can post )

Side note: I took went there for a summer in 93/94 or something. One of the greatest aspects of the school was the lectures of visiting architects. A benefit of being in Manhattan, I suppose. I can see why they would want to not give it away for free, but I think doing it woud really be a benefit to all. I wish they were more like MIT in that regard. But the lectures were an important part of the education, maybe even being a whole third of the experience- studio and critque being the other two
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