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WeenAmp...peer-to-peer software? After signing with Sanctuary (now label-mates with Morrissey), releasing a pair of on-line only live CDs, cheesing off a pizza chain, and getting its back catalog from Elektra; Ween is developing software with InQuest Technologies that will tie together the band's official web site, the 24/7 Ween Radio broadcast, a message board, chat rooms and the ability to trade live concert mp3s without being confused with The Gourds (just try searching for "Gin & Juice" on your favourite peer-to-peer program). The band hopes to have the program bundled with it's new release quebec (yes, with a small q) on August 5th.
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The stoner down the hall always told me that the Snoop cover was done by Phish. I should have known it wasn't.

Phish has never made anything good.
posted by SweetJesus at 7:52 AM on June 19, 2003

Yeah, that "Gin & Juice" cover is just so wickedly, searingly subversive...ugh...and so obviously NOT Phish or Ween.
I love that Ween has developed a rabid fan base a la Phish or the Dead, the difference being that at the Ween shows I've attended the vibe was more alcohol-soaked than doobage-fried. They're great, though, and I've enjoyed WeenRadio for the last few years. I switch between that, KCRW, and Joe Frank to juice myself up while slogging away at work.
Good for them--here's to hoping that this works as a business model.
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'Gin and Juice' (cover) was first experienced by me on the MefiSwap 2002 Q4 compilation by elijah, an excellent barage of audio delights.
Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.
Tends to clear the dancefloor though.
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Somewhere on this harddrive of mine I've an mp3 of another cover of Gin and Juice as done by one of those new age meditation guides. The sounds of waves crashing ashore and a mellow-voiced guy reciting the lyrics. Don't know where I found it before, and I can't find it now, alas.
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Ween are the greatest two people playing music on the planet.
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So, if I play this album more than twice will Orrin Hatch come and destroy my computer?
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Never trust a band that uses scotchguard bongs to get high.
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"Gin & Juice" definitely isn't a Phish tune, nor have they ever played it live.

But Phish has played Norman Blake's "Ginseng Sullivan" often.

Ditto for the Phish original "Bathtub Gin".

And, speaking of Ween, Phish has performed "Roses Are Free" 12 times.
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Ween kicks ass, period. Next thread.
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Wow, I killed this thread! What have I DONE?! [/shouting at sky]
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