July 30, 2000
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"You rowdy punk kids! Get off the lawn!"
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This is just in case the above link goes bad. Looks like one of those dynamic thingies that doesn't last long.

WIRE:07/30/2000 08:18:00 ET
Pope ticks off noisy crowd at Angelus service

CASTELGANDOLFO, July 30 (Ruters) - Pope John Paul told off the crowd attending his Angelus service on Sunday for being too noisy, calling for "a little patience" and slamming his hand on his book rest. The 80-year-old Pope had been struggling to make himself heard over the chants, cheers and applause of worshippers attending the service at his summer residence in the hills south of Rome.

"Don't make me call your diety! Pipe down! Why, when I was your age we stood there and listened to the pontiff for seventeen hours straight until our spines broke in half! And did we complain? No! But do I get any respect from you snot-nosed Catholics? Chanting and cheering and enjoying yourselves! How dare you! This is RELIGION! You're supposed to be miserable! What do you think this is? A party!? You'll stand there solemnly and listen to me mumble on in Latin and not understand a single word I say and you'll LIKE IT!

"Now. Where was I? Oh yes. Pax vobiscum sholadomini nabisco pablum buldada... -Hey! What did I tell you? NO CHANTING! And get off the lawn!"
posted by ZachsMind at 7:08 AM on July 30, 2000

I have a terrible image in my head of the Pope in his big long dress and pointy hat, looking out over the noisemakers and saying, in that funky Polish-cum-Italian-cum-Latin-cum-Ancient accent of his:

"Simmah down nah!"
posted by Dreama at 9:47 PM on July 30, 2000

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