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Greed May Not Be Good, But It Sure Comes Easy And Feels Lovely, Thank You Very Much: Just how greedy are you? Lately I've been rereading Rabelais's outrageous, politically incorrect, magnificently written Everyman's edition of Gargantua and Pantagruel, in Thomas Urquhart's and Peter Anthony Motteux's no less magnificent translation [pdf file]. Everything in this 16th Century book seems to address us and challenge us to be - how shall I put it? - up to it. It's rolicking; bawdy; irresistible. Too much is not enough, indeed. Just how valuable is excess of all sorts? Very, I'd say. And this century presents unique opportunities for overdoing it in the most delightful way, wot, wot?
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81 percent of people who have taken the spark test are less greedy than me. By the way, once I stole a 19 inch Sony monitor from a school in the middle of the night drunk. And I walked the 60 pound thing home 9 blocks.
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Keyser Soze: A bit of a step down from feared criminal mastermind, doncha think?
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If someone paid you, I dunno, say, $30,000 a year to degrade yourself like a cheap mongoloid everyday in a pitiful little room, with only petty idiots to keep you company as your soul turns to pleghm, would you do it?
That was my LAST job.
I'm surprised the quiz didn't ask "Do you try to post items to MetaFilter every day right after Miguel?"
I also answered yes to 'getting depressed'. I'm only 46% greedy, which is dangerously low here in L.A. No wonder I'm broke.
I answered no on getting paid to kill a dog, but I waffled on the hairy person.
And as for that wise crack about mayonnaise in your underwear for a bribe, I've done it for free. No, wait a minute, does Miracle Whip count?
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Only 50% greedy, what the fuck is happening, it used to be all me me me, gimme gimme gimme. Mediocrity, well I think david brent put it best "Put the key of despair into the lock of apathy. Turn the knob of mediocrity slowly and open the gates of despondency - welcome to a day in the average office"
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I scored a 48%.. ouch I suppose it's accurate. [shrugs] After all I did buy a pepsi becuase I was thirsty even though I really didn't need to. :D
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Just how valuable is excess of all sorts?

Well Miguel, shouldnt you know about that? Seriously though, Im in Geneva right now, and what I can tell you is that the opposite (austerity etc) works like a charm. Switzerland works.
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Coupon users are more likely to steal.

Then user their Get Out of Jail Free coupon.
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I am "38% greedy!"

But 98% stupid for taking that bloody test.
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C'mon, Migs, we showed you our Greed %. Now show us yours.
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66%, but I think I was exagerating a bit in some areas. Now, if we could just find an online test for envy, we'd be all set. (I took the jealousy one a while back, and scored a whopping 4%. But I know I have envy problems)

Miguel, are you going to do one of these posts for all the deadly sins?
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Replace "all" in the post above with "each of":

"Miguel, are you going to do one of these posts for each of the deadly sins?"
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You got me scared there, Irontom, before I found you were correcting yourself. :)
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Here's a Rabelais text (some typos) with a companion mp3 if you want to hear what 16th c. French sounded like (approximately). Or heck, here's everything with a facing-page modern French version.
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