Celebrity caricatures by Piven
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Piven World - a fun flash portfolio of celebrity caricatures and portraits. I like his witty technique of incorporating "defining" objects. (via oink!)
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madamj, thanks for a great post! [this is good]

I had seen a couple of these when they appeared in magazines, but had not appreciated the overwhelming talent behind 'em. What a superb caricaturist. His brash confidence in broad, simple strokes is reminiscent of Hirschfeld, though the technique itself is almost the opposite.

And yeah, the "defining" objects are great, adding another dimension to the visual humor - I especially like the eyes on Dick Cheney and "Zigmund" Freud. Thanks again!
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Those are remarkably evocative. Thanks, mjj!
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Wonderful and witty! But check it out: I can only think of one or two items that might be the thing that is Macaulay Caulkin's mouth (third row, fourth from last), and none of them are are things I'd ordinarily want near my mouth...

Could this be a remark than the Home Alone kid is a good argument for birth control?
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mac culkin's mouth looks like a toilet plunger.
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Very, very cool. Thx!
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