Journalism in New Iraq
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Baghdad Bulletin “The Baghdad Bulletin is Iraq’s only English-language newsmagazine and one of the country’s only independent publications. The third issue (published Monday, July 7) is now being distributed across Iraq and in Jordan.” They have a short bit about how Chemical Ali may have escaped Baghdad.
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"Independent publication" misrepresents what this is, in my view: it features, for example, a lengthy editorial by Daniel Pipes of Campus Watch fame and a Bush nominee for the Congressional Peace Institute — not a well-known Iraqi independent journalist by any stretch of the imagination. None of the staff writers have Arab names, in fact, and the contact number for the editor, David Enders, "a 22 year old from Grand Rapids, Michigan," is located, as best I can tell, in Lebanon. The best-known independent paper produced by Iraqis is the Arabic-language az-Zaman, run by a former Ba'athist information minister who defected to the Kuwaitis after the first Gulf War. Read more from Spartacus and here.
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