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Meet Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor, whose nomination to a federal appeals court may be running into trouble.
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Okay, the first link is pure excrement. Unsupported assertions piled on top of slanderous insinuations excreted over arguments designed to appeal only to unthinking ideologues.

I wouldn't have bothered to respond (and I would have immediately killfiled you, stonerose) except that I met Bill Pryor once, and the line about how Pryor's "a pretty harsh guy" was surprising to me. Maybe it's just because he's a politician, but when I met him Pryor struck me as unusually kind and emotive for an attorney. (I'm in law school, so no offense intended). Maybe the comment is just another feeble attempt at political attack, I don't know.
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Aww, gd779, I'm sorry you weren't informed and entertained by that article. Here. Let me make it up to you with the Washington Post's editorial on Pryor. That's a nice, starchy, button-down paper with which a law student wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen. Golly gee, I hope it keeps me out of your killfile.
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Unsupported assertions piled on top of slanderous insinuations excreted over arguments designed to appeal only to unthinking ideologues.

In other words, the perfect GOP judge.
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That's it stonerose- I will now excrete you into my killfile which I will pile on top of excreted killfiles.
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now, who is cleaning all up all this excrement?
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MetaFilter: Cleaning up all this excrement!

Thanks, q.
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Another proud son from my home state. Way to go, Bill.
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pro-pryor__ *--*__ anti-pryor
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I have met Bill Pryor personally as well. There's no question that this article is tripe.

Mr. Pryor is a strict constructionist. Despite his personal convictions, he follows the law of the state in fulfilling his duties. While I would tend to agree with him on most issues, perhaps not all, I think he actually fulfills the mandate of his duty to his office pretty well.

I follow the state of Alabama politics very closely, and I find that the people of Alabama like Bill Pryor as well. He's done his job well enough that he has bi-partisan support and could probably be governor of the state if he wished sometime in the future.

My bottom line impression - he's tough, fair, says what he thinks, sugar-coats very little, and has the guts to speak about controversial issues that are still of interest to the majority of the population. So what if he wants to execute condemned criminals in accordance with the sentence they have been handed down? It seems to me that someone with a little passion for ridding our society of the lowest scummy denominators is a GOOD thing.

And lastly, yes he is anti-abortion. Pryor's view of the sanctity of life can and does co-exist with the concept of executing criminals who are on death row. Surely even liberals are taught that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". And THAT view is both well accepted and embraced by the majority of the state that elected him. Get over it.
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an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

by that logic, it would seem that abortions should be encouraged among the very poor young (because most death row inmates [guilty or not] come from poverty.)

Meanwhile in the real world: I work in a public school (3rd ward, Houston, Texas) and see it month after month, very poor, very young girls more often than not have a baby after getting pregnant and girls I knew growing up (upper middle class, north houston) just went to the doctor and "took care of the problem" when they got pregnant even though they had the means to provide for a child.

Is the governor of any state gonna let his 15 year old, unwed daughter have a baby out of wedlock? Or would the governor encourage his baby girl to "take care of the problem"?

Death row: Facts like 17% of the population making up 70% of the death row population just plain sicken me. As a nation we've been settling this argument since the inception. Civil war tore our country in two. A hundred years later, the civil rights movement and the repeal of jim crow laws was a majorly divisive issue. Anyone that thinks this problem (the fact that 1/5 of the population accounts for close to 3/4's of the executions) is not systemic is either racist or simple.

Btw, who gives a flying f&*^ if anyone has met this Pryor person or not? What has meeting anyone got to do with "knowing" them? Aren't all politicians s'posed to be likable no matter what their policy opinions are?
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Oh, and sp dinsmoor, thanks for those links.
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