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Baby you can drive my car. Mini RC cars are all the rage but how often do you get to control a RC car in Tokyo from your browser. Bascule created a web interface for controling an RC car in their office, hooked up a couple of web cams on the track and now allows anyone with the Flash 6 plug-in to log in and drive their car for 60 seconds.
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Battery's dead. Darn.
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The site is wanged.
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battery's empty

interesting idea though.
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No, Piked!
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Dude. Worked for me.

Also interesting to note, there's a digitizer pen (the kind that architects and illustrators use -- Wacom makes this kind of tech and, incidentally, licenses it to Tablet PC manufacturers) strapped to the car, and the car's driving around on the digitizer tablet, which is how they get the feedback that drives the little red cross and displays the car's position and coordinates.

Very cool extra feature.
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