Phallological Museum
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The Icelanding Phallological Museum. A museum dedicated to the male sexual organ, with an online gallery of phalluses of many species.
Lingam Gnosis is the 'ancient art of penis reading' - like palmistry, only with penises, which can be classified into alchemical earth, fire, water and air types. is an educational site about the male foreskin (with photographs and articles).
(Needless to say, probably not suitable for work).
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Sorry, that should be Icelandic....

Linked previously :- Puppetry of the Penis. Here's
a short history of circumcision in the US
religious and cultural documents relating to circumcision
;part of Nelson Mandela's description of the circumcision
ritual he underwent at 16.
Circumcision as a rite of passage in Turkey(previously discussed).Some
77 %
of the male population worldwide is
Finally, scroll down a little here to read about the amazing Lifting Baba.
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let me be the first to say...
What a bunch of pricks!
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Anyone else disturbed by this picture?
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Wow, thanks plep, that gives me something to do tonight. Heh.
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Little know fact is that female circumcision is as dangerous and even more devastating than male one. Mothers and fathers must leave the decision to their sons ; and by that I mean it should be forbidden by law until the children is a full grown adult that take his/her informed well tought decisions.

For the very religious readers: Lord himself appeared to me in dream and told me to say you : thou shalt not circumcise your offspring. Behold ! Don't make baby Jesus cry !
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