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The miniatures of Angie Scarr are astonishingly lifelike, and heartbreakingly charming. Instructions are provided for the nimble-fingered. Of course there's small, and then there's small, and then there's small, and then there's small, and then there's really, really small.
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I should have mentioned that the title link is via b3ta.
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Her instructions for making the oranges is millefiori cane work - you can see its history as a glass technique here. It's very popular among polymer clay artists who do extensive bead making. You can create extremely complicated canes and then reduce them by just rolling the cane log thinner and thinner.
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No big deal. ;-)
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I really enjoyed this link, thanks!, especially the orange-making instructions. So small!!!

Also, I think Angie Scarr is a very cool name. Girly, but tough.
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Nice first post e.e.coli!

These links are interesting and quite fun. I love miniature things! Maybe I can amuse my niece with these next time she visits - I'm not sure I would have the patience to try to my hand at the oranges, but she might.

Sangre Azul, thanks also for the bead link, also cool.
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I've got a rice grain with my husband's and my name on it. And our wedding date.
Nice links e.e. coli.
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