Asa for Governor
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Not just another candidate Forget Arnold, let's elect the Mozilla Foundation's very own Asa, he understands the web and technology, and even has a weblog. (Oh, and he works on some browser called Mozilla...)
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Zach! Zach! Zach!

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If there are a large number of names on the ballot, we could see a new Governor elected with a record few number of votes.

Why does he think this is a good thing?

My prediction, by tomorrow's deadline he'll have raised around $80, his blog will go back to being mostly about Mozilla stuff and the governor-related entries will be deleted.
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Not just another candidate

My enthusiasm is growing. The only significant bump in the road is raising the money. How do I do it? will be available soon (with paypal) but I think it's going to take some real creative thinking to raise $3,500 in two days, and how to handle it if I raise some but not all of the necessary money?

May as well add.
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I tried to raise interest in a Haughey for Governor campaign several threads ago, and got zero response. But if it's a cause capable of uniting the thomcat and the wonderchicken, I think we have a shot... (Deadline's Saturday, move it or lose it.)
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