For those who want to play with a full deck...
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Because Regime Change Begins At Home... Forget the Iraqi leadership cards, these cards are much more fun. You can also check out this news article for more info. Although I am surprised they had a hard time finding a printer willing to do the job. Makes playing a game of "asshole/president" that much more meaningful.
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Enough already.
posted by gwint at 8:05 AM on August 12, 2003

A better title for this post would be, "Another fucking deck of cards."

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I for one welcome our new slack-researching underlords.
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Blame the search function, GhostintheMachine. That always works.
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For once and for all:

I for one welcome any vibrating, pancake-esque cards that are akin to those depicted in that hilarious comic strip.
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Well, frick. I tried about ten damned searches to find something similiar, and got nothing. Even with "deck". Shoulda gone to 11... always go to 11...

Yeah, here's another of those card thingys, one that wasn't linked before, and an article re: same that also wasn't linked before. There's a good line in the article, where an actual human said "I think (President) Bush did an amazing job elevating our stature internationally," and it's not meant sarcastically or anything. That's gotta count for something.

Don't hate me. At least, not more than I hate myself right now.
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talk to the hand buddy...

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I'll see your pike and raise you one
posted by Outlawyr at 10:16 AM on August 12, 2003
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