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fractal-recursions... huge gallery of images and animations made with ultra-fractal (for windows).
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It's what I've always imagined I'd see if I dropped acid and stared at an octopus tank.
posted by Mayor Curley at 12:35 PM on August 12, 2003

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posted by Marquis at 12:39 PM on August 12, 2003

For a freeware fractal generator, there is fractint. The granddaddy of them all; I remember using it on a 386/25 in 1990.
posted by ROU_Xenophobe at 12:47 PM on August 12, 2003

I'm glad fractal art has finally evolved beyond 16 colors ... I remember when first dabbling with computer-generated art, I used fractint and then tweaked the basic image using Kai's Power Tools and Photoshop forEVER til ending up with something like this.

Guess I'll be playing with ultra-fractal til 3 AM for the next couple of nights ... thanks for the link!
posted by WolfDaddy at 12:52 PM on August 12, 2003

call me a dimwit but I prefer naked women...fractals are very boring.
posted by Postroad at 12:53 PM on August 12, 2003

These are just gorgeous. I changed my wallpaper three times in the first gallery.
posted by frykitty at 12:53 PM on August 12, 2003

What I want to know, is when are we going to get the animated, interactive fractal desktop?
posted by Blue Stone at 12:59 PM on August 12, 2003

sweet. is there an easy way to download the lot of them wholesale?
posted by muckster at 1:13 PM on August 12, 2003

Hear, hear. It's about time that fractals have broken past the 256 color pallette of yore. (Which honestly was just an easy way with the oldschol VGA adapter to map number of iterations to a color). I assume this does pretty much the same thing but with 16 million glorious colors.
posted by zsazsa at 1:24 PM on August 12, 2003

Muckster The easiest way to download them all is with a program like FlashGet or DAP, personally I recommend Flashget, it integrates with your browser (well, IE on Windows, anyway) an you can choose to "download all by flashget"

I have ultrafractal, and I've never used it, I think its time to start. Cool link, thanks.
posted by Grod at 1:44 PM on August 12, 2003

Tried running some high rez fractal PostScript code directly into a printer way back in the 80's (anyone remember LaserTalk?). Left it running on Friday evening thinking it would be enough time, only to arrive Monday with everyone in the office wondering why the printer was not spitting out their jobs. Had to cancel it. Moved on to other things. PostScript is just too damn slow for fractals.
posted by HTuttle at 2:24 PM on August 12, 2003

these are cool, but i think I like these even better. They're from the current spotlight artist on ultra-fractal's gallery.
posted by GeekAnimator at 3:18 PM on August 12, 2003

[this is good]
I love fractals and am fascinated by the process of creating them. It is a shame the images in the gallery are a bit small to be used as wallpaper without tiling. WolfDaddy's image, on the other hand, is awesome and now graces my desktop (until a new shiny thing comes along, anyway).

I also love the design of the ultra fractal software site.
posted by dg at 3:24 PM on August 12, 2003

*blushes with a deep red gradient*
posted by WolfDaddy at 3:37 PM on August 12, 2003

My god, this is so bizarre. I was looking for some short, animated video loops for my desktop a week ago and found this site and downloaded several of the animations. Now its a front page post! Oh well, like anyone here cares... LOL.
posted by PigAlien at 4:09 PM on August 12, 2003

Very beautiful stuff, thanks Crunchland!
posted by jonson at 4:31 PM on August 12, 2003

Another unique fractal creation tool is Quat - it adds an extra dimension to the forumlae to create fractal "solids" that are literally 3D. Very nice.
posted by Jimbob at 5:27 PM on August 12, 2003

Whoa, trippy.
posted by carter at 5:55 PM on August 12, 2003

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