Go Joe!
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Don't Have Enough Joe? After the recent info about the prototype G.I. Joe going on sale (and not getting quite what was wanted) and the recent POTUS Doll (action figure dammit!) I bebopped around and found a site that proports to be a force of good to get a G.I. Joe movie made. But can it really be for good when it has pages and images like this?
posted by Dagobert (11 comments total)
you mean like this.
posted by quonsar at 12:30 AM on August 14, 2003

Too metaphysical?

Drat, I meant like this.

Oh the shame.
posted by Dagobert at 12:34 AM on August 14, 2003

This isn't bad enough to be good, or funny, like that ninja thing. This is just bad.
posted by planetkyoto at 12:47 AM on August 14, 2003

Hey I actually enjoyed the original G.I. Joe animated movie even though it completely rewrote the entire history of COBRA.
posted by PenDevil at 1:05 AM on August 14, 2003

Hmm, well, at least I enjoyed the "Which one is Jennifer Aniston?" popup.
posted by mischief at 1:39 AM on August 14, 2003

Hey, don't forget about this.
posted by CountZero at 1:45 AM on August 14, 2003

GI Joe and Barney need to mate and produce offspring which can, in an friendly and unthreatening manner - through song even, infuse America's toddlers with the proper military values of discipline and veneration of authority.
posted by troutfishing at 4:43 AM on August 14, 2003

I didn't know Jay Leno was the POTUS. When did I miss the recall election for _that_ and who else was running?
posted by ursus_comiter at 4:55 AM on August 14, 2003

I wish Jay Leno was POTUS. Then all we'd need to worry about was corny jokes instead of near-facism, lies, the slaughter of innocent Afghanis and Iraqis and more damned lies.
posted by eustacescrubb at 6:25 AM on August 14, 2003

Heh. Willem Dafoe as Cobra Commander.
posted by scarabic at 8:37 AM on August 14, 2003

Christopher Walken as Cobra Commander. Then I'd watch it.
posted by tirade at 11:04 AM on August 14, 2003

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