Your Own Private China Syndrome
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Now you too can run your own nuclear plant in this online simulation. Try to avoid a Three Mile Island situation. Friday fun? Via Blue's News
posted by WolfDaddy (10 comments total)
Nifty. :)
posted by Foosnark at 4:00 PM on August 15, 2003

woo 1403 kw on my second try rated excellent.
I must be some kinda Newkular Scientificamist.

course my first one went well.. all 3-mile-island but eh thats learning. I wonder if thats how the pros do it ;)

Neat link wolf, thanks.
posted by Pink Fuzzy Bunny at 6:18 PM on August 15, 2003

This is neat - I actually work at a nuclear plant!

posted by insulglass at 7:38 PM on August 15, 2003

Cool. I solved the energy crisis.
posted by Nothing at 8:14 PM on August 15, 2003

posted by jpoulos at 10:21 PM on August 15, 2003

Average power production near maximum. Power costs will drop. Equipment damage was very light.
posted by daveg at 5:45 AM on August 16, 2003

1782 KW. I nearly blew up the turbine at the start :)
posted by Freaky at 10:04 AM on August 16, 2003

1888 KW. Who wants to touch me?
posted by NortonDC at 11:22 AM on August 16, 2003

1890 on "normal", a little less than 1400 with "difficult", due to a secondary coolant leak forcing maintenance
posted by lazy-ville at 2:49 AM on August 17, 2003

OK, I went back and tried harder: 1945 on normal. I think there's room to bump that up a few, but probably not higher than 1955.
posted by NortonDC at 12:47 PM on August 17, 2003

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