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Ouija and other talking boards.
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I've always loved ouija boards as art and would love to see a lot of different artists' interpretations of the board.

The "ouijastitions" section on this site is fun, including such interesting advice as:

A Lecherous spirits from the Ouija board will sometimes ask young women to do rather . . . ah, odd things. Ignore them and always remember that your Ouija partner (i.e. boyfriend) has nothing to do with this.


B Three things never to ask a Ouija board:
  • Never ask about God.
  • Never ask when you are going to die.
  • Never ask where the gold is buried.
I think it is after number three on "B" that the young woman needs to refer to "A".
posted by taz at 3:51 AM on August 20, 2003

man, i saw a Cthulhu Ouija board once. that was the shit. had a nice little warning printed on it: "Not responsible for loss of soul and/or death"

so comforting.
posted by shadow45 at 4:20 AM on August 20, 2003

This one from the site looks like it could have been part of a McDonald's promotion. (Yes, I know that particular Ouija board predates McDonald's by several years.) But maybe McDonald's is the work of the devil?
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The interactive boards are disappointing -- just so not the same as the real thing.
posted by JanetLand at 5:46 AM on August 20, 2003

Ouija boards? Piffle. Automatic Writing just cuts through the middleman and turns your hand into the equivalent of an Ouija. It's like going from snorting to mainlining. Not that I'd know anything about it. *whistles innocently* It's all a matter of one part of your brain fooling another part of your brain. It's a magic trick we play on ourselves, through subliminal subconscious movements.

Says James Randi: "When a person operating a ouija board is blind-folded, an unknown force reduces all the messages from the beyond to gibberish. Makes you wonder."
posted by ZachsMind at 7:48 AM on August 20, 2003

All things sortilege interest me. Although I would have prefered a bit more exposition--but if we all did things the same way, it would get boring around here--this is quite an incredible site, crunchland,
thank you for sharing it with us.
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My Ouija story:

In high school, looking to kill some late night hours, we sat down with the board for a while. We got some odd results, including what seemed to be a greeting from some spirit who told us his name (I don't recall the details any longer).

We did some research and it turned out to be the name of a gentleman suspected of possibly being Jack the Ripper. Further research found that our Ouija night took place 100 years to the day after Jack the Ripper's last known victim was found.

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