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The World's Worst Food. "A naked imitation of the Gallery of Regrettable Food", featuring late 50's and early 60's-era recipes from the UK.
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(via Bifurcated Rivets).
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its 10pm- do you know where your wieners are?

No, a Hot Perkup is not what you get when you stuff Mary Tyler Moore into the range. It's what you make for the calorie-conscious Gals a little hot chicken juice. Or soup with a little booze.

The 50 & 60's were boring?

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Maybe if the FPP was actually about the Gallery of Regrettable Food, it'd be a threepeat.

But it isn't.
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I'm lost.
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Here at MetaFilter we're always up for new sites featuring ghastly food pics with good comments.

This one wasn't as good as those Weight Watchers cards, but it was still pretty enjoyable.
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I thought it quite wonderful and terrifying. There are good reasons why the British have a reputation as the world's worst cooks.
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I have one thing to say:
Not really. But you know what's the problem with these pictures? The lighting and the natural deterioration due to printing matter etc. It's that ghastly rosy/sepia tone that makes virtually all dishes look like vidcaps from George Romero's movies. Instinctively, most of us crave food that looks fresh or well-preserved. Good post.
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what? i don't get it! now they're having a go at food! what next? well i don't know about all you but i like food! so there!
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I am so tempted to have "bad fifties cuisine" themed party. I'll torture weiners, pineapple and jello in every way possible, arrange the result on doilies with ceramic animals, set up special lighting, have my hair elaborately set, wear one of those cinch waisted dresses with a voluminous skirt and a triple strand of pearls, and greet my guests with a manic smile. Doris Day will have nothing on me.
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The colors may be off, but still...

Some of the stuff resembles human body parts, color or no color. And that's just wrong.
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It may be a threepeat, it may shitty lighting in the photographs, but if anyone ever slags off marmite again, I'm gonna kick 'em in the ass. Marmite is perfect---it's salty, it's vegetarian, it kicks up your soup recipes, it tastes great on toast with butter. The only problem with Marmite is that people don't know about it in the US, and it's not Vegemite. My heart throbs for all concentrated yeast extracts.... can anyone recommend another?

(Also, Marmite-flavored twiglets are the BEST stoner food ever.)
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Marmite and cream cheese on toast... ambrosia, I'm telling ya.
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Serve bananas wrapped in ham or bacon and covered with a golden cheesy sauce

Hnngggg!!! Blork
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