How do you keep track of your president?
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How do you keep track of your president? "I believe everyone should be held responsible for their own personal behavior." -- George Bush. Moveon agrees. They're helping track what was said, who said it, and if it is true.
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Thanks for an interesting link! ?!
Their full analysis of his misleading State of the Onion is found here.

It provides a fairly reasonable summary of his pattern of decption and should be pointed out to our friends and neighbors who believe the Resident is something more than a lying sack 'o shit.
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See "converted, preaching to"
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Will they point out things he's told the truth about? It would increase credibility.

I myself find that I'm disinclined to believe anything he says. The funny thing is, though, if you listen to him carefully, you realize that he actually is telling you in general terms what his administration's agenda is.
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And what RylandDotNet said.
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"State of the Onion"

Is that a Freudian typo?
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Didn't mean to get in the pulpit. I was trying to say that such a compilation is useful to those of us who might be engaged in debate this next year.
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Sixteen untrue words in the President's State of the Union message helped push American into war with Iraq.

Helped push? I think there were other people also involved in pushing a war resolution.
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The Latest Administration Whoppers
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No typo fletchmuy. When you peel away an onion's layers you get nothing at all. (Also see: the Onion)
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Personally, I think that this picture taken on Friday says it all.

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Why oh why can't they come out with a Miss Leader? That'd be ever so much cooler.
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Does it involve snakes?
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Then there are the artfully crafted weasel-worded statements that might be technically accurate (cf. Clinton era) but are designed to convey untruths, such as saying that Iraq posessed and used weapons of mass destruction to imply that we have proved any recent possession.
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Wow. Where are all the snarky ones to complain about this post after getting my first (and only) FPP nuked recently?
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Astroguy: It's a benevolent dictatorship over here. If you got complainin' to do, talk to the man in charge.
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FWIW, AstroGuy, when I got the notice about this in the mail, I thought of posting it, but didn't think it front-page worthy (sorry, ?!) - I did think it would be a good addition to some Bush thread, so I came to see if there was an appropriate one, and it was at the top of the front page.

That said, it is a little different case - and according to Matt, yours was a double post as well.

Back on topic: Anyone who hasn't clicked on the image lowlife posted oughta do so. It's perfect.
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Why can't this effort be more broad-based? Set up so it can track any 'promise', mis-statement, or outright lie of the government?
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Here is my photoshop of the Bush 'Salute'.
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It's ok soyjoy. I'm 188 MeFites younger than you and still prone to impertinent front page posts.

rough: I don't think there is enough time or web space to track all that.
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