Soul Survivor Bobby Womack
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Bobby Womack - one of the last surviving soul greats from the Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding generation. A beautiful site with a deep jukebox of stirring soul classics. (Via zootoon. A flash site)
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Oh this is beautiful - fair womacked my day!

*adds a million units of happiness to huge Brazil-size debt to Juju*
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:02 AM on September 21, 2003

The style of this site is rather impressive. Good find.
posted by BlueTrain at 10:56 AM on September 21, 2003

posted by niceness at 2:01 PM on September 21, 2003

"What is this? Somebody tell me. What is this? Hai! I think ah like it... " Definite goosebump action. This could very well be the best 'official' site I've ever seen. Certainly up there. "...It's been a long time comin' but I know a change is gonna come.. Oh yes it will... "
posted by ZachsMind at 2:39 PM on September 21, 2003

...Apparently this incredibly crafted website is by "Sofake is the work of jordan stone, slated to die august 4th, 2057 for a crime (s)he did not commit." Design is War. They admit "there's arguably nothing of value anywhere on the site" and "apologize for any inconvenience." That's when things get interesting.
posted by ZachsMind at 2:48 PM on September 21, 2003

Props to The Poet.
posted by LinusMines at 3:33 PM on September 21, 2003

Very nice site design (once you work out the interface).
posted by dg at 5:02 PM on September 21, 2003

Wow, someone was thinking, hunh? Beautiful design. And in the shop that's in the works, "buying direct from is like buying straight from bobby himself." Cool.
posted by lobakgo at 5:44 PM on September 21, 2003

Zach'sMind - thanks for pointing out the designer - that's an awesome site too!

And everyone should go listen to a change is gonna come right this second! ((it's on page 16)
posted by madamjujujive at 5:48 PM on September 21, 2003

I didn't discover Womack until "Jackie Brown," and boy, was I glad I finally did.

"I was the third brother of five,
Doing whatever I had to do to survive.
I'm not saying what I did was all right,
Trying to break out of the ghetto was a day to day
Been down so long, getting up didn't cross my mind,
I knew there was a better way of life that I was just
trying to find.
You don't know what you'll do until you're put under
Across 110th Street is a hell of a tester. "
posted by GaelFC at 11:12 PM on September 21, 2003

Yeah, I always knew that guy was a helluva fine songwriter--from Janis Joplin's "Trust Me" all the way to hearing Solomon Burke's amazing rendition of "A Change Is Gonna Come" in August of this year, but I've never really heard his own versions of his songs properly. (I did watch the last quarter of "Across 110th Street", and was amazed at the music, but didn't give it much thought afterwards.) Excellent stuff. Thanks, madamjujujive.
posted by arto at 12:16 AM on September 22, 2003

I loved "If you think you're lonely now" from the poet and the duet with patti labelle on the poet 2.
posted by dprs75 at 4:35 AM on September 22, 2003

posted by 111 at 9:45 AM on September 22, 2003

111, if you and I talked solely (soully?) about Bobby Womack, we could be friends : )
posted by niceness at 10:01 AM on September 22, 2003

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