How Italians differ from other Europeans.
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Venerdì del Flash Via Universal Rule. Ahhh, ho perso l'aereo perché c'era lo sciopero!
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Stereotypitastic! That was quite well done.
posted by viama at 4:46 AM on September 26, 2003

e fatto molto bene - mi piace!
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We speak English at this site! (Not all that well...)

Here are some more Flashy Bits from Italianimator Bruno Bozzetto:
Yes and No
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This made the email rounds here a few months back and we all sat around the office snickering, much like you would snicker at the quirks of a spouse or a long term partner; they're irritating, make no sense, and can really grate on your nerves sometimes, but in the end it's all part of the total package. :-D

Thanks for the links to Bozetto's other stuff, wendell.
posted by romakimmy at 8:23 AM on September 26, 2003

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