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"I'm Speaking Out On Whatever The Hell That BUGS ME!" Would someone please get this man a kidney, stat? [Warning: inline sounds, last link has startling close-up photograph.]
posted by britain (8 comments total)
On 1/10/2003, I was talked to by a psychiatrist, to see if I am sane enough to handle a kidney transplant, and the stress of it all. What in the hell does this have to do with getting a Kidney transplant? I say not a darn thing does it matter how I feel about myself.. The kidney I get will not care about my personal actions with other people in life and how they feel about me!!! I told her I have no problems with myself.. This is not the end yet. More to talk about later as this goes on and on...(:

After 4 2 hour sessions one a week, I pasted!!! Very stupid questions indeed were asked of me...(: Nothing to do with my health at all!!! But, all is Well after all!!!

Anyone out there in Internet land that would like to give me one of their KIDNEYS?

I just don't know what to say...

"No" is a good start, I guess.
posted by zekinskia at 3:12 PM on September 26, 2003

Craziest. MoFo. Ever.
posted by stonerose at 4:59 PM on September 26, 2003

Beware of my both of my EYES, staring at you because, it may get you in trouble, because if I see you doing things, I will for sure write about you. The computer is the tool, to keep records on all of us, PLANET EARTH HUMANS.

God bless the Internet.
posted by jokeefe at 4:59 PM on September 26, 2003

Because non-planet-earth-humans just want to corrupt our precious bodily fluids!
posted by clevershark at 5:15 PM on September 26, 2003

Sure I'd give him one of my kidneys-- but I don't think he'd take it. From the looks of those manbreasts he hasn't put anything in his body that wasn't deep fried first.
posted by soren at 5:17 PM on September 26, 2003

This guy reminds me a bit of SA's "Cliff Yablonski"
posted by clevershark at 5:20 PM on September 26, 2003

Forget the kidney -- this guy needs a bra!

Or is it a "bro?" Or a "man-ziere?"
posted by davidmsc at 8:28 PM on September 26, 2003

He took a bath and cooked ups some eggs while in mortal pain because he didn't want to show up at the hospital "dirty." Hahaha. So close to a Darwin award. Well, give it time.
posted by skallas at 12:45 AM on September 27, 2003

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