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An Audit for the Soul As we enter the Jewish High Holy Days--the 10 days between Rosh Hashanah (the new year) and Yom Kippur (the day of atonement)--some examinations on how personal reflection and renewal is essential to a healthy life, whether continual, periodical, or annual.
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Not too long ago, a lady writer had a nice piece (I think it was in The New York Times Magazine Section) on the usefulness and importance so many once got and some still get by fully observing a sabbath--no matter what one's faith or lack of faith. The idea of putting aside daily things and taking a sort of time out from the ordinary seemed to calm the nerves, spirits, soul--whatever term one chooses, and became for those folks a day that became treasured. But of course it means more than merely going to some religious service. It means taking a full day off from the usual.
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"Lady writer?" Are you trolling?

Back to the subject, as an former Orthodox Jew, I do find myself sometimes missing the Sabbath day. Not being allowed to watch tv, use the 'net, drive, go to the movies, listen to music, study, do errands or fix the house, etc. really changed the texture of life for a day every week. My mind would, to some extent, relax and regroup during 25 hours of mostly hanging out with other people or reading books. I still consider every now and then instituting some sort of Sabbath again in my life.

I also find it interesting now that it never seemed any more difficult back then getting everything done in a week.
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I find I can only really examine my life and what's going on when I'm away from it, on vacation. There's something about the physical distance from work and home and everyone that gives me time to be with myself.
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Great post, amberglow - very welcome in the Cardoso household!

We couldn't live without our Shabbat - it truly is "an island in time". This weekend it's a double (so I shouldn't really be posting) but even MeFi can be a tolerable sin sometimes. ;)

Shanah Tovah!
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L'Shana Tovah to everyone!

...but even MeFi can be a tolerable sin sometimes. ;)
being here is never a sin..there's always food for thought, and things to share, and learn, and enjoy. I think it helps with reflection and self-examination too. : >
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LeSchanah towah tikatewu! Gmar chatima towa! :-)
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