Behind the Music: Mini*Pops
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Yes, We're The Mini*Pops! For a few brief, shining years in the 80s the Mini*Pops were the ne plus ultra of every pre-adolescent's rock star fantasies. From the classic Mini*Pops, to the haunting Mini*Pops Let's Dance, to everyone's seasonal favourite Mini*Pops Christmas, the Mini*Pops embodied the hopes and dreams of pedophiles children everywhere. Of course, no retrospective of the Mini*Pops would be complete without listening to their bastardization of tribute to Abba.
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whoa, nice link

"fame" disturbs me
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Heheh. I had a mini-pops video when I was a kid. The thing I remember most of all was always forwarding past "In the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight..." because if I heard the song, it would run through my head for weeks. And now all of you reading this thread shall be similarly cursed. MWAHAHAHAHAH.
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I got all excited when I thought you were referring to one or my favorite spots on the web: Mini*Pops
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I grew up in the 80s, but I'm somehow glad I missed this. Perhaps they didn't make it big in Canada?
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tiamat, I grew up outside of Ottawa and I heard of them. How could you not when their comercials were on every channel on tv?
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I'm in Toronto and am unfortunately familiar with min-pops. I worked in a record store at the time however. (Un)Surprisingly... most of the people who bought MP were not young'uns. It seemed to be liked most by old folks of both sexes, and people who wore long t-shirts with kittens on them over tight leggings.
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The Mini Pops may no longer be active, but the Kidz Bop Kids have stepped in to fill the void.
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I also grew up outside of Ottawa, and I remember my sister getting a mini*pops audio cassette from Petro Canada and listening to it for our entire car trip to Niagara Falls. I got the Transformers cassette, but no one wanted to listen to it.

Their cover of "Our House" by Madness was stuck in my head for several years.

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fletchmuy - I love those tiny rockstars, too.
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I grew up about an hour west of Toronto, and when I was a kid I loved the Mini*Pops. I had dance routines and everything.

Ah, nostalgia!
posted by aclevername at 10:38 PM on September 28, 2003 I loved the Mini Pops. How can an 8-year-old sing Stevie Wonder's "My Cherie Amour" with such SOUL, such PASSION, such Motown FEVER? My world-weary pre-teen soul was calibrated to the tunes of the Mini Pops, and my parents never forgave me.
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I grew up outside of Toronto, and had a few *Pops albums that got a lot of play on my plastic Fisher Price record player. Wasn't aware of the vids, though!
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