Dubya Lookerlike?
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Last night I saw Brent Mendenhall on an Asian-language television channel, doing a sometimes-uncanny George W. Bush impersonation. Being able to understand his mock-Texan ramblings but not the host interviewing him was a surreal experience. Upon cursory investigation, I was shocked to find that some suspect Dubya of using a look-alike for particularly dangerous speaking engagements, and that others are available for hire. Saddam, too!
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Don't be silly, we all know G. W. Bush is being fed dialogue via an earpiece during unscripted interviews. Compare his cadence when he is obviously following a teleprompter to his press conferences where he has to come up with stuff off the cuff. Night and day.
posted by sharksandwich at 1:37 PM on October 3, 2003

Fuck the Guardian. That was the dumbest, most unfunny article I've read in ages, and I'm hardly Bush's biggest fan
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Ok, I confess. This was a non-post. My apologies.

[bows humbly]
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