Fragment: a writing meme.
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Fragment: a writing meme. For creative writers who might need a small nudge in the ribs, three sentence fragments posted once a week "for you to fit into a bit of fiction/stream of consciousness/what-have-you... a quick bit of dirtiness to get your creative energy flowing". Write your bit and post your link. (via the ever-enlightening Anne, of Fishbucket.)
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Not sure I understand the radical nature of this (apart from the word "meme" there). At primary school, the teacher used to set us to write a short story, giving us a character name, some words to include and some sentence fragments. Surely Miss Long wasn't 29 years ahead of her time?
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"He is trapped in a place where there are no doors."
"She noticed him the minute he walked through the door, her heart skipping a beat as he took the seat in front of hers."

"I knew the answer, the outcome, but was having a difficult time coming to terms with my fate. "

"We rarely engage in purely sexual activities but prefer to hold each other lovingly and just be who we have become over the past nine years together."

"the problem with james, and part of the reason he has a "something" about him, is that you can hardly ever tell whether he's looking at you or not."

(And then Oissubke couldn't take the horror anymore and clawed at his face, begging, even just for a Grisham novel...)
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Sounds like fun.
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Or, the "less is more" approach to the same thing: oneword.
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Hey, it works! Just watch! Todays fragments:

He was one of in a room for the first time.

Aah! Glad to get rid of that writer's block! Thanks!
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