August 17, 2000
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Seattle's "Alternative Weekly," The Stranger has no actual articles in it this week. Instead, they replaced all of the words in the articles that would normaly be there with a novella. All the normal formatting is there, right down to the letters to the editor and the little news bits. Really clever idea, and from what little I've read so far, a neat story too. Unfortunately the clever layout doesn't translate to the Web site, but the story does just fine.
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I wonder if he/she lives in Seattle because I live in a suburb of Seattle. I don't read the stranger but I do like short fiction like a novella, because you it won't take long because its short.
posted by worth at 3:42 AM on August 17, 2000

What just now happened:

I type in the URL.

Since it always takes a moment for ColdFusion to serve up the home page, I turn to the copy of this week's Stranger sitting next to my keyboad.

I leaf through a few pages, thinking to myself, "whut da hail?"

I turn back to Metafilter and see this post.

Feeling a bit dizzy now.
posted by geestarr at 10:02 AM on August 17, 2000

The novella idea works a lot better than the completely hand-written issue of The Stranger that came out earlier this year. That one was pretty annoying to read.
posted by gluechunk at 10:10 AM on August 17, 2000

Oh, this is *too* cool.

Will someone send me a copy?
posted by baylink at 10:36 AM on August 17, 2000

And someone said they would.

I love the net.

Thanks, edge.
posted by baylink at 2:59 PM on August 17, 2000

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