15 Days home from Iraq, then back.
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15 Days home from Iraq, then back. An interesting article about 1 soldier, out of about 3.600, that get a 2 week furlough back to the U.S., to split apart their now extended stay in Iraq. Shades of "All Quiet on the Western Front".
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A co-worker of mine is now in Iraq, and has been for about 6 months. He was offered his 2 weeks, and decided to turn it down. He felt that his wife and daughter wouldn't be able to take him leaving again, and that it was better for him to just wait out the year.

The decision was pretty tough on him.
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One of my friend's husbands is home on furlough, after being in Iraq for close to a year, and Afghanistan before that. They married 10 days before the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

When I talk to her about what they're up to, her sentences always end in "...and more sex." It's good to see them together and happy, even if he has to leave again soon.
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Is anyone else tired of all this military info? I mean, good job
guys, but isn't this supposed to be a necessary evil, not the focus
of our whole culture? Every day there are more and more military
influenced television shows and articles in every magazine.
Obviously, no one is crass enough to risk not "supporting the troops",
but I just think violence breeds more violence and it would be quite
refreshing to have some sort of alternatives, or is this permanent
war state what we have chosen for our society?
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milovoo - you might find this article of interest - States of War
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"or is this permanent war state what we have chosen for our society?"

It was chosen, and actually planned over the last 20 years, by those currently running the US government. We didn't choose it. And the only way to stop it is to vote in leaders who vow to end it.

We support our troops when we make sure our government doesn't see war as a goal to be achieved.
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I hope he's catching up on the news while he's here.
When my sister came home, she hadn't heard about the "bring 'em on" comment. She wasn't too impressed.
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Being a member of the military should I be revulsed by myself?
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