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Something Awful is one of my favorite game-related sites, full of goofy immature humor, game reviews, bad movie reviews and more. But the webmaster is having a hard time getting paid for the ads he hosted as part of the Gamefan / network... (more)
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Online, there are more ways for consumers to be heard than ever, but how can an employee like SA's Lowtax compel an employer like to pay up? Most people online call for boycotts of companies because the company's products or services suck. This is a much thornier issue-- should consumers try to also avoid companies who mistreat their employees? Would you EVER be able to shop ANYWHERE if that was the case?
posted by wiremommy at 5:29 PM on August 17, 2000

He mentions that they are blaming an industry wide drop in ad revenue. Is this really happening? It's just a BS excuse for not paying, but I can't see how banner ads generate any revenue. I'm at the point where I hardly notice them anymore, due to a natural filtering as part of my web viewing habits.

After stories about how mostly young kids click on banners promising free stuff and never to buy, doesn't it make you think they are the only ones to ever click on those things.

I personally have clicked on a few by accident. Who actually clicks those things?
posted by john at 2:01 PM on August 18, 2000

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