Stu Hart, dead at 88
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Stu Hart passes away. Anyone who's been more than mildly interested in professional wrestling understands his contribution to the sport. He was father to Bret Hart and the late Owen Hart. He's trained more men than I care to begin to count.
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Hart's later years were filled with pain and tragedy. Son Dean died of kidney failure in 1990. Hart's 13-year-old grandson Matthew Annis died of flesh-eating disease in 1996, and youngest son Owen Hart plunged to his death on a wrestling pay-per-view show when a stunt went wrong in 1999.

Wow. I mean.. wow. That's a crappy bunch of things to happen.
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In terms of professional wrestling, the most tragic family would have to be the Von Erichs.
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I'd have to vote that the Von Erichs had a much more tragic story. They had an electrocution (Jack), overdose (David), and three suicides (Mike, Chris, Kerry). Only son left is Kevin. Although, Stu Hart is a legend and will be greatly missed. So many talented grapplers spent time in his dungeon learning the craft. He'll be missed.
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for me, everytime i think of stu hart, i think of the scene in wrestling with shadows, when he takes the guys down into the dungeon. here's this guy in his 70's making two guys who are each three times bigger than he is, beg for mercy.
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A true Calgarian legend. I used to drive by that old house every once and a while and think "I wonder if he's making anyone scream right now."

I don't think he's ever received as much credit for putting our fine city on the map as he deserved. Well, him and Ed Whalen...

"Mukka Singh off the top ropes! Oh my! This one's been a real ring-a-ding-dong-dandy folks!"
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Damn what a loss. This guy trained legends. Bret (who unfortunately isn't in great shape himself following a stroke), Owen, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Lance Storm, Brian Pillman, Davey Boy Smith. These were (and still are) many peoples childhood heroes. And Stu made them.
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