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Marry your pet [silly friday stuff]
posted by ginz (5 comments total)
So dumb. I'm my dogs' mommy, so how can I marry them?

Some people are really weird.
posted by LittleMissCranky at 7:49 AM on October 17, 2003

me + cheggers 4-eva!!!!
posted by Katemonkey at 9:09 AM on October 17, 2003

Peter and Blob just tied the knot too.

I don't have any pets, I'm away on long holidays too much. I do have a husband, quite the same thing most of the time.

From the disclaimer:
This marriage is not recognised either by the court of law or the church, but by the much higher realm of the great pet god in the sky - Mr. Mustofales. Although a mere cat, he is however, omniscient. Don't think you can fool him, ever. If you feed your pet substandard or (heaven forbid) supermarket's own pet food, he will know and you will suffer later.
posted by ginz at 9:47 AM on October 17, 2003

Wait 'til the marriage traditionalists catch wind of this.
posted by sharpener at 10:20 AM on October 17, 2003

So dumb. I'm my dogs' mommy, so how can I marry them?

Well, you can marry your dog in such circumstances, but then you have the dubious distinction of being simultaneously interspecies and Oedipal.
posted by amauck at 7:50 PM on October 18, 2003

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