The TRILLIAN dollar question.
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The TRILLIAN dollar question. Will the Saudi Royal family recieve diplomatic immunity for helping finance Osama and Al Qaeda all these years? A lawsuit filed by 9/11 victims last year which demands reparations from the Saudis will come to a close next week. Background story here: Evidently there's precedent for pay-out.
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Yeah, but what does it have to do with Douglas Adams or IM client software?
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(nagrommit beat me to it ... lol)
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Bush won't let it happen--wouldn't he have to release documents connected to the 9/11 investigation for the families to prove their case?
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I think you're looking for "Trillion"
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I think it would be difficult for the Saudi govt. to accept culpability. If they were to say "we were partly responsible", where would it end?
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I join the ranks: I thought for a brief moment Google had bought Cerulean Studios.
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"It's a core government function and not something a public official can be hauled into court for,"

I am waiting to hear the WH spin on how the friendly Saudi Arabia officially financed 9-11. Surely there must be a perfectly innocent explanation for it.
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It helps if you read these articles while the sponge-bob squarepants theme song is repeating in your head.
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