Is Syria next?
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Is Syria next? Or understanding the Syria Accountability Act. Interesting criticisms by Rep. David E. Price, who voted for it but with certain reservations here.
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i am so hungry
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Shorter David Price: As a congressman I can spew verbiage till the cows come home, but when it comes to voting I'll bend over and grease up for our Republican overlords.
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You can follow the progress of the act, or read the latest text, on THOMAS. Follow the Bill Status link to see where the bill stands and to find links to relevant roll call votes.
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Voting for a bill is like a woman possibly being pregnant: she either is or is not....reservations don't get tallied.
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Excellent links, all. Thank you.
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Fortunately the continuing recession is putting an ending date on this Administration. I hope the next one isn't a case of "meet the new boss, the same as the old boss."
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I wish this surprised me.
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I'm still waiting for the invasion of Canada.

After all, if you're not with us...
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Uhh, where's the continuing recession?

GDP recovered from two years of shrinkage in 2001 and never looked back. The stock market is hitting something like a 16-month high. And even the job market is showing signs of improvements. All this while inflation is still kept under control and liquidity is easily available in this low interest rate environment.

Do you get your data two years late or something?
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Oops, make that only 2 quarters of GDP shrinkage.
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Gee, VeGiTo, if the economy is doing so well, why is everyone still unemployed, underemployed, and/or broke?
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Here's an excellent article on why looking only at GDP isn't the best idea.

from the article:
"NDP is simply GDP minus the effect of equipment depreciation; Hatzius and some other economists doubt that simply replacing worn-out equipment does much to help the broader economy."

The NDP since late 2000 has only been .6 percent as compared to a GDP of 3.6.
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[more crickets]
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Because employment is a lagging indicator, and "jobs" are becoming less and less of a good way to evaluate a mature economy.
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